Eric Flachbart

VP Regulatory Affairs

Eric’s expertise in medical device development has yielded remarkable contributions to the field. With an impressive 35-year history, he has consistently pioneered novel solutions that streamline the critical process of fluid management in patient care.

With wide-ranging expertise, he has made significant strides in the realm of medical devices, spanning various areas. This includes the development of various types of infusion pumps with wide-ranging intended uses.

His accomplishments include inventing cutting-edge technologies like the FDA-cleared first smart infusion pump with a downloadable drug library establishing robust FDA-compliant company infrastructures for developing and commercializing medical devices within the United States and demonstrating unwavering dedication.  Eric has directly contributed to the development of an impressive portfolio of 39 different medical devices, showcasing his versatility and proficiency in driving meaningful innovation. 

In 2017, Eric joined Farrukh Usman on a mission-driven journey named Byonyks, aiming to introduce a user-friendly and portable Automated Peritoneal Dialysis Cycler across the globe. Recognizing the immense importance of this endeavor, he wholeheartedly dedicated himself to the project, which is now well underway. At Byonyks, Eric’s experience and unwavering determination make him an invaluable asset to the team. His expertise and guidance play a pivotal role in bringing peritoneal dialysis to areas of the world that do not yet benefit from this technology, significantly improving the lives of numerous individuals in need of this critical medical intervention.