Farrukh Usman

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Farrukh Usman is the founder and CEO of Byonyks, a company he established in 2017 to revolutionize the world of medical technology. A Harvard graduate, Farrukh is a visionary in the realm of medical technology, leaving an indelible mark on the dialysis industry. Driven by a fervent commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility, Farrukh has dedicated himself to the mission of democratizing automated peritoneal dialysis across the world.

He was involved in multiple dialysis projects. Involved in home hemodialysis machines. He has been an instrumental force in the conception and realization of numerous pioneering dialysis projects. His expertise has left an impact, with over half of the peritoneal dialysis machines currently sold in the USA bearing his innovative contributions.

Collaborating with a team of brilliant innovators, he played a central role in pioneering the first artificial pancreas. His visionary endeavors have extended to groundbreaking initiatives like the closed-loop insulin delivery system, forging partnerships with industry giants such as Insulet, Dexcom, and Abbott. Surgical robotic systems and various other innovations have also benefitted significantly from Farrukh’s expertise, leaving an enduring imprint on the healthcare landscape.

Recognizing the global imperative for advanced medical technology, Farrukh established Byonyks—an organization at the forefront of bloodless dialysis. Presently, Byonyks is diligently working on obtaining FDA approval for its revolutionary device. Furthermore, Byonyks is conducting cutting-edge research in state-of-the-art laboratories situated in both Chicago and Lahore, propelling the development of the world’s first acid-free dialysis.

Under Farrukh’s visionary leadership, alongside his exceptional team, the company has notched major milestones, leading to the submission of numerous patents. Their unwavering dedication, boundless innovation, and tireless pursuit of excellence continue to drive transformative change within the realm of medical technology, ultimately enhancing the lives of patients across the globe.