Frank Rudolph

Chief Electrical Engineer

Franklin J. Rudolph holds a Ph.D. in Adaptive Control, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Neural Networks, and Robotics from the University of New Hampshire. He also obtained a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of South Alabama. With over 30 years of experience in developing embedded systems, robotic systems, smart grids, and medical technologies, Dr. Rudolph is a seasoned professional in his field.

One of Dr. Rudolph’s notable achievements was his instrumental role in the development of the world’s largest flywheel-based energy storage plant, capable of storing 20 megawatts of energy. These three facilities are currently operational in New York, Pennsylvania, and Alaska. Dr. Rudolph’s expertise enabled him to develop electronics and embedded software that effectively controlled an array of hundreds or massive two-ton rotors rotating at an impressive speed of 16,000 RPM.

As an adjunct professor of electrical and computer engineering, he taught future engineers how modern, complex computers do what they do and how to design and control modern electro-mechanical systems, from the tiniest embedded devices to grid-scale electrical networks.

Presently, Dr. Rudolph is an integral part of the team at Byonyks Medical Devices, Inc., where he is contributing to the development of a user-friendly and portable Bloodless Dialysis Cycler. His expertise, knowledge, and dedication make him a valuable asset to the team and reinforce his commitment to advancing medical technology.