The Vision

Why Byonyks

Byonyks was started because of my experience witnessing my aunt’s life on dialysis.  As a diabetic, she developed chronic renal disease that led to her start on hemodialysis treatments.  Her treatments began at a clinic, with the painful insertion of needles into her fistula and enduring the treatments 3x/week.  Looking into the future, I worried my mother (also diabetic) would also need dialysis care.  I wanted to provide her with an option that would allow for a painless, needleless treatment in her home. I want the same not only for my mother but for every mother and father on earth. Every clinic in America is using more than 20-year-old dialysis technologies. It is the time to reinvent dialysis!

Therefore, Byonyks is working to revolutionize patients’ lives by allowing them to treat their ESKD with pain-free, needleless dialysis therapy – resulting in a higher quality of life.

Farrukh Usman

Founder and CEO